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Kyra Mackenzie
Artist | Literature
United States
I believe in Female strength and power. Every girl is a tough girl in there own way. Whether they are strong physically, emotionally and intellectually does not matter only that they strive to be more.

I spend most of my week writing my stories I like to read fan-fiction and I write some as well .here is the link for my fanfiction account…

I like a lot of movies and Tv Shows not afraid to admit that I watched almost all of the 90's cartoons and early 2000 cartoons growing up.

I LOVE Animation whether it is Disney, Blue sky, Universal, Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Pixar, .funimation, Amiplex, Cartoonnetwork, Viz media TV Tokyo animation is animation.


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Color Palette Chapter 1: The Nightmare (Novel version)

Colors, each one sets a very different mood, some say that you can tell a lot about a person by their favorite color.

It is hard to believe how much color impacts us. The different varieties of color only exist because of how close our eyes focus on the light source, our eyes are drawn to color  whether you acknowledge  it or not. 

Color impacts everything. Sports, ads, posters every color means something and depending on how you feel about that color can be drawn out a different  response. Everything in your kitchen, every single thing that is in your home is art.

But for us Color is everything here, Color Palette is an alternate dimension that is so small it is right under our noses. They are responsible for protecting people's artistic creativity and  maintaining the perfect  balance between dark and light to make sure that everything flows naturally. They are a microscopic dimension that can not be seen by the naked eye.

With every child that picks up a crayon and breeds that first creative spark another color blot child is born and new legends are made. 

Many Color blots have come out down in history and earned recognition in their own way the greatest era in Color Palette history was the  renaissance era it was a time of creativity and originality. Now creativity and original style are slowly fading away. People need to get their creativity back but who will help keep the balance maintained  only time will tell. 

It was a quiet still night in Color Palette  the wind blew fiercely making the trees shake violently through the night.

While everyone slept peacefully one unfortunate  girl in the Purple clan mansion was having a terrible nightmare. She tossed and turned around in her bed as she was screaming trying to awake. 

She was free falling down the sky at an  incredible speed, she screamed as she fell further and further towards the ground the girl shut her eyes as her body came closer and closer until- 
The girl jumped up and gasped with shock sweat dripping down her forehead, she glanced over at the clock and hid under her pillow and groaned when she noticed the time her alarm clock said one am. That  was the way to early for her to wake up but since she could not sleep well she might as well wake up.

She made herself breakfast and then crept into her parent's bedroom and lightly tapped her  mother on the shoulder her mother could not wake up on her own she had to be woken up or else she would be late for school. 

Her name was Emma Purple she was part of the secondary color spectrum they were  one of the  lesser clans. Purple used to be a regal clan and used to be considered a primary around the dark ages. Where kings and queens ruled but nowadays purple was used on different things like Teletubbies and used in my little pony

Basically, their wealth and stature had been foolishly gambled away a long time ago. Now they were considered a joke the only clan that had it worse was the Black clan which had very few members left. 

Emma's mom was the principal for her school, it is bad enough to be caught by a normal  principal, but by your own mother just makes it twice as embarrassing. That is why Emma tries her hardest to be on time every day even though she knows that even her mother makes mistakes. 

" Mom, it is six -fourteen time to start getting ready" Emma said softly or at least as soft as she could,Emma was a loud mouth and was not afraid to speak her mind, people often told her that she was too blunt and in Emma's mind she thought that it was better, to be honest rather than to lie. 

Her mom looked over her shoulder but in the dark, it was hard to see her daughter. But, she could make out her bright green eyes looking down at her and sat up. She let out a rather big yawn. She looked over at Emma and stroked her face  gently "Are you okay Emma, did you sleep okay?".

Emma froze at the question as she flashed back to her nightmare of falling off  the building, wearing strange clothes that she probably would never wear. They were like what a superhero would wear. 

Her a superhero? That is a laugh. Emma was so clumsy she tripped four times before she finally made it to the kitchen and spilled milk on the table. 

She was no hero. Heroes were stealthy quick, clever vigilant and always got there just in time. Her? She was clumsy, loud, and zoomed out a lot. She could barely wake up when her alarm rang let alone stop a criminal.  

"I slept fine mom, can we just go"? Emma said at first glance Emma just seemed like a rude ungrateful teenage girl who did not understand social cues and said things that seemed inappropriate to say at some moments.

 But it was not her fault. Emma was diagnosed with a social disorder  at a very young age. She hardly remembers her childhood. Yes, she understands that with age people forget certain things. But, her early memories were around twelve or ten and she was sixteen that was not normal right?

She was on the autistic spectrum. At first glance, people would not think she was, because her wide vocabulary and ability to keep up with her peers but some of the  smallest words,textures, or something that reminds her of her past or a dramatic  event can trigger her. 

Even though she has friends she would rather be alone, she hates headphones because of how they felt around her ears. She does not like the smell of candles. If she sees a candle light in the room she will shift uncomfortably in the room. And she does not like to be comforted when she is hurt she prefers to be alone to help herself through it. 

Emma knew that it would take her mother a while to get ready and pulls out her sketch pad and doodled for a bit, making random drawings of objects people whatever was in her mind. She wondered if she should tell Marget will she make fun of her? 

Marget was more open with her emotions than Emma was, her constant habit of talking about boys still gets on her nerves. But, she learned to tolerate it. Just like she learned to tolerate the fact they had to be taught the basics of freestyle rapping in Spectrum high.

 Since color meant everything so did art. Their were other career opportunities  too. But, for the most part, everyone goes into Color theory to try and make some new colors if that is possible. Emma seriously doubted it but humans kept making up new things with a company called Crayola. So maybe it was possible. 
After a half and hour of waiting Emma's mother,    Elisa Purple stepped out of her bedroom and closed the door behind her.  Elisa Purple was a short woman with an average build she usually wore  business attire with different colors today. Her suit was navy blue. 

Her hair was a medium shade of purple with long wavy hair and a small beauty spot on her left cheek. Her face was smothered in freckles around her nose and her cheeks. Her eyes were a deep blue and her face was round and her lips full. 

Emma smiled when she saw her mother despite being a middle-aged woman her mother was very beautiful and had aged gracefully. 

"Quit staring at me you weirdo, are you ready to go Em got everything got your lunch, homework, and your hair brushed"? she said jokingly at first but then she noticed how wild and unkempt Emma's hair was she looked over at Emma and She asked cautiously.

Emma's mother knew that Emma had a hard time keeping herself clean. She would rarely take care of herself and if she did, it would not last very long,she would put her helmet on and go to the park smelling like she had not taken a shower in weeks. Her smell had made it hard for Emma to make friends along with her  smart alec attitude. 

Emma rolled her eyes and said, "Yes,yes can we go, I do not get why you care so much why do I have worry about brushing my hair all the time?".

 Elisa frowned and put her hands on her hips and said, 

"Because, Emma I want you to make more friends this year, I know you do not like being around a bunch of people but you need to get out their and do something other than sit in your room and draw all day".

"Okay, fine I will then will you get off my back if I make more friends"? Emma asked hopefully as she smiled brightly 

Elisa smirked and said, "Maybe, here are the keys go and start the car and I will be right out".

"Can I drive"? Emma asked jokingly 

"No, you do not have your permit   yet it is too risky, besides your father can teach you". Elisa said playfully as she ruffled Emma's wild hair. 

Emma frowned and put her arms around her chest and stomped out of the house and turned the key and shut the door. 

The car hummed as Emma turned on the radio and went  to the classic rock channel and sighed contently as she put her feet up on the dashboard. 

Emma sat in the car for five minutes  before her mother can rush in the car, Emma tossed her the keys and they drove towards Spectrum high her mother turned down the radio and said,  "Do you always have to listen to your music that loud your going to bust your ear drums".

"It's fun to listen to music loud because if you listen loud enough you can close your eyes and imagine what they would sound like live". Emma explained with  excitement

"Oh and what was your  conclusion professor"? her mother teased as she turned her signal on and turned the car to the right of the intersection humming softly to the music,  tapping her hands to the drum beats. 

"Cage the Elephant would sound amazing live, Green day would too Paramore I'm not too sure and sum 41 would be epic". She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. She loved rock she could understand why they do not like it, some people found it too loud. 

But she liked the history behind it a whole bunch of men and woman standing up against the government to create a new art form? Brilliant!
At least in her opinion . 
Emma's society was  not all that different from yours or your friends she had to go to school and get good grades just like  every other teenager the only difference is almost every career field consisted of art and nothing but art. 

Art was the norm from animated movies to video games to painting  houses or decorating the  possibilities were endless. And for Emma she had no idea what kind of art she wanted to do. Marget wanted to be a photographer, her bully Marge Orange wanted to go into dance or clay. 

While she had no idea what she wanted to do she always felt like she was destined to do more but she did not know why. 

By the time her mother pulled in she could hear the sound of the bell ringing in the distance. Emma turned towards her mother and rolled her eyes and said, "I am late again".

"Sorry Sweetie you know how hard it is for me to wake up on the weekends".

"Do not call me Sweetie my name is Emma remember"?

"I know that, but I just  wanted to show you how sorry I am, I will make it up to you I will tell the attendance to wipe the tardy off and say it was my fault ".

"Really, wow mom you rock"! Emma said as she high-fived her mom and pulled her backpack out of the car and ran towards her class as fast as she could. 

That was just one of the perks of being the daughter of the principal at your school. Especially if they were the ones tardy that day you get a clean record most of the time. 

Emma quickly raced through the walls of Spectrum high her sneekers squeaking through the polished floors as she tried to find her class the first day back from school and she was late. Emma had a record of tardies over the years half of them was her fault the other half her mom's. Her father well, she had not really talked to her father in five years he just vanished out of nowhere nobody really knows where Salvestor Purple went. 

When she found the homeroom she busted through the door startling half the class among them was a boy with a black beanie and black eyes his skin was tan and he wore thin eyeliner that was barely noticeable under his skin tone. He wore black from head to toe. The boy was in half her classes but she did not really know his name.

But, he was really kind and quiet most of the time. She had only ever heard him speak three times, he mostly stayed quiet taking notes, going to sleep or often looked out the window in a daze. Not that Emma noticed she was a very studious student she barley got any time to sleep let alone think about boys. 

"He's actually here this time are you going to talk to him"? Said her firend Margot who had been trying to set Emma up with guys, ever since they first met. And if she had to be honest with herself it was starting to get annoying.

Another thing about the boy that everyone seemed to notice was that he rarely came to class, he would show up every two or three weeks and then vanish again. Nobody really knows why. But, the teachers say it had something to do with one of  the students here; sometimes he was able to look at the person and sometimes he had to get out to get rid of his  guilt.

"No, I'm going to Margot, get over it besides I do not really know him". said Emma trying to her friend off her back. Honestly she was in mood for this today her normally bright purple hair now took on a dark hue. 

That's another thing about the paint blots in color palette our hair color goes from different tints and shades. Meaning it goes darker and lighter by our mood today. Emma purple's hair was almost black she was so upset first she gets a nightmare, then she's late for school and now  her firend is teasing her could this day get any worse? 

"Emmalisa Emily Purple, eyes forward". The teacher snapped tapping her chalk on the board trying to catch her attention.  

Apparently, it can. God, she hated her full name. She had told Ms. Magenta plenty of times that she would like to be called Emma, not Emmalisa what the hell does Emmalisa mean anyways?

Emma blushed as the class burst into a fit of laughter. Oh Man how I wish I could hide so embarrassing... she thought.

The only ones who did not laugh were Ellie Blue, Marge Orange her frenemy and bully, Margot, and the quiet boy from earlier looking at the hysterical laughter with disgust shaking his head. 

"Oh come on guys stop, or you all will be in detention! This isn't kindergarden anymore this is your sophomore  year, this is the big leagues no time to mess around".  Ms. Magenta said with authority as she wrote something on the Chalk board. Everyone stopped laughing and looked up at the board with fear and wonder. 

"Welcome everyone, for those who have not had me yet, I'm Ms.Magenta congratulations you are now officially sophmores you are one step closer to getting a diaploma. But, do not think that you can slack off because you still have a long way to go if you want to scueed. And I will help you every step of the way".

"I teach Art History who knows what that means"? Ms.Mangenta asked as she walked around the room scanning the classroom. 

Emma gasped with shock, when the quiet boy raised his hand and said, "The study of  pervious art styles and artists over the years".

"Good,but not quite, Art history is not just about art styles and past artists it is also the study of our past. Which colors had fought which ones had stayed neutral and which ones were wiped out completely"". Ms. Magenta said as she looked at the boy with pride. She always loved it when the quiet students spoke out every once in a while showing how much potential they kept bottled up. 

"Art History is not just about Art, it is about everyone in Color Palette as such I suggest you take this class very seriously because it could mean the difference between failing and passing high school later". Ms. Mangenta 

"That means you should be here everyday Jacobson, and you should get to class on time Emmalisa because I will not tolerate tardies and absences everyday".

"Now the very first color was"?

Everyone looked at Ms.Magenta with confusion nobody really knew what the first color was color has been around since the beginning of time so it was hard to think of which one was the first. 

"Ummm, red"? Yesenia Yellow said with uncertainty unsure if she had gotten the answer right.It was hard to think straight with half the class looking at her. 

"No, actually their is no first color" Ms.Mangenta said playfully 

"What"!? half the class shouted out while the other half groaned with frustration and confusion.

 Ms Magenta smiled and continued over the noise "And, if their was it would be white, because color only  exist because of how light bounces back to our eyes and since white has all the colors mixed in we get it when colors light enough".

Emma smirked and laughed at Yesenia. Yesenia thought she was so clever always correcting people from left to right she very rarely got any answers wrong but when she did she blushed so brightly her hair could rival the sun.

She knew it was wrong to laugh at Yesenia, however Yesenia was the first one to laugh in the classroom when her full name was said out loud by the teacher so in her opinion she earned the right. 

Suddenly her phone buzzed Emma jumped in her seat and looked around the room to make sure nobody was looking and stuck her head under the table. 

Jacobson Black: Hi 

Emma Purple : "What the fuck are you texting me for"?

Jacobson Black : "I wanted to say that everyone in the class was wrong to laugh at you". 

Emma Purple:  " Wait you are in my class"? 

Jacobson Black : "Ummm Yes I' am the only boy dressed head to toe in black".

Emma Purple :"You mean that quiet boy is you?"

Jacobson Black : "What, you did not know my full name"? 

Emma blushed with embrassment. 

Emma Purple : "No". 

Jacobson Black :"Seriously"? 

Suddenly Emma bumped her head on the desk "Ouch"! she screamed out making everyone turn to look at her with shock, Emma sat up in her chair and noticed everyone staring at her.  

Emma scratched the back of her head nervously and said, "I just dropped my pencil and I hit my head trying to get it do not mind me"".

Everyone  shrugged half the class already knew her reputation for zooning out, and being alittle  unorthodox . So, they just turned their attention back to Ms Magenta. Thinking classic Emma, the weird anti social nut case of Spectrum high. 

Suddenly her phone buzzed again,Emma looked down and rolled her eyes 

Jacobson Black: "Phew, that was close one eh Em"?

Emma Purple : "Stop texting me you are going to get us in trouble"!

Jacobson Black : "Come on, your mom is the princpal can't they make a special exception for you"?! 

Emma Purple: "No, I can't my mom is super strict".

Jacobson Black: "Oh oops".

Emma Purple : "You are an idiot". 

Jacobson Black: "Shut up, I'm bored and I wanted to talk to you" 

Emma blushed and then took a deep breath trying to resist the urge to squeal with excitement, she had to keep her tough girl image it that she spent eight years building to keep boys away. Jake would not be her down fail no matter how cute he was. 

Margot looked over Emma's shoulder and gasped "Who is that"? she asked teasingly as she tried to make a grab for Emma's phone. To see who Emma was texting. 

Emma blushed and pulled her phone back and closed the messager window and said a little too quickly "No one".

"Sure and I am Pablo  Picasso". 

Emma smirked and said, "You paint like him". 

Margot blushed and said," I do not I am a brilliant painter". 

"Sure, that's why you walked out of freshman year with a D in painting".

Margot blushed and turned away from Emma, leaving Emma to her thoughts Emma sighed with relief and looked out the window. 

Emma wished she could talk about her past memories like everyone else she wished she could remember the happy ones, the sad ones and the ones people would normally block from their minds. She often over heard conversations about people and their past but she can not remember hers. 

In short, the reason Emma does not dwell in past is because she does not remember her past whether she blocked out a traumatic  memory or had an accident that left her mind blank was still a mystery. 

Emma was an observer she did not hang out with people but she did watch other people hang out, she had picked up different means of colors, themes and life from other people and made them her own she had read books and asked people on the bus of their tales and had drawn a map of introkit details of colors within her own head. 

While others found it hard to remember color means let alone what they had for breakfeast two weeks ago, Emma had millions of tales of Colors and Color history stored deep within her brain and could pull them out like a magician pulling a rabbit out their hat. 

Although she can not remember how she met Margot Marge or how Jake knew her name while she did not know his she was greatful she had some people to talk to if only to piss them off. 

Margot Green was Emma's best firend she had long orange hair with deep green eyes she wore big circular glasses and a green hoodie  she had thick eye lashes, always walking around like she did not have a care in world.

Although she was on the heavy side when it came to weight, Margot did not let that stop her, Margot was very fast and active on her feet when she wanted to be. Her bright bubbly attuide contracted greatly with Emma's uptight personality but somehow their firendship had stayed true. 

Margot smiled and said, ".Okay, all jokes aside I just wanted to make sure you were alright you seem alittle off today". 

Margot always knew what was wrong with Emma without even needing to ask, she just knew it was like she had a sixth sense she knew Emma's need move before she even did it they had been firends long enough for Margot to be able to finish Emma's sentances.

They went back  a long time Emma may not remember how they met or why but Margot refused to neglect Emma she would stick by herside like Peanut butter and jelly. 

Two opposites that complimented each other Emma neeeded Margot around or else she would walk around the rest of her life bottling up a whole hurriane of emotions and not know what do with them.

She would be stranded on a boat in a wind storm unable to sail sucessfully on the horizon and crash to the score with nothing but herself doubt and uncertainty of the future to guide her to her desination forever alone. 

Emma scoffted and said, "You would think that". Emma was slightly annoyed because once again Margot had read her like an open book feeling exposed and decided to ingore Margot's  validate mannor  she looked away from Margot trying hard to look at her stern expression her eyes filled with concern for Emma concern that she wished would go away so she could be left to her own thoughts. 

Margot frowned and said, "Promise you will tell me at lunch". as she turned and faced the board awhile she put her hand on Emma's shoulder with a tender smile on her lips her eyes betraying her bittersweet smile. 

 Emma sighed she felt very conflicted she was not sure she wanted Margot to know about her nightmare in fear she would laugh or possibly say Emma had lost her mind and was going through a mid-life crisis of some kind. 

 She often had dreams of the human world most were amazing,she would welcome them while most people in color dreamed of art and stories that would make a fairy tale jealous, Emma dreamed of a life she wished she had she envyed the humans. She wished she had the abillity to control their destiny hers was pretty much sealed. 

Emma frowned and said, "Okay fine, but do not laugh I already feel bad as it is".

Margot forced a smile on her face and said, "I won't laugh you" as she pulled Emma into a warm hug and rubbed her back and then pulled away before the teacher turned back around wrote a big list of different color clans on the board and all the accomplishments and inventions that clan had contributed to color palette over the years. 

Forcing Margot and Emma's conversation to be cut short as they pulled out their notebooks and began to take notes. 
After class was over Emma and Margot walked out of Ms.Mangta's room with an uneasy feeling they knew something was off about today something seemed wrong, One, the kid that usually did not show up to school had shown up.

Marge had not stopped them this morning demanding people worship her and her vain personality, Yesenia got an question wrong and the normally smooth sleeper Emma was a nightmare was their a connection to any of those things? Probably not. 

Sometimes life throws the unexpected and people have no choice but to roll with it, Emma thought the change was good it was better than to go through the motions everyday dreading the repeated routinue that was to come. 

Emma and Margot stopped by their lockers Margot grabbed her journal books she had been working in for the past few weeks hoping to get her pictures published in magazines and newspapers.

She kept all her most precious pictures within those pages some of them were of Emma when they were little with was why she never let Emma look at them in fear that just one look at herself as a small child would trigger the memory that made her lose her memory in the first place. 

Margot never wanted to see that ever again, Emma motionless in the floor covered in blood nearly half dead. her father could not bare to see Emma after that day.

He decided it was best that Emma did not try to seek him out and vanished without a word, he loved his daughter that much that he would leave behind his old life to make sure Emma could have a new one. 

Margot remembered the night Sylvester Purple walked out on Elisa and Emma their was a very bad rain storm and all he packed was a small backpack filled with food and clothes and the essentials nothing more, nothing else Margot refused to go back home until she was sure Emma was okay. 

Mr. Purple turned towards Margot and said, "Margot Please promise me under no cirumstances are you to tell Emma where I have gone. She must not try to seek me out, I am doing this to protect her bad things always happens to her when ever she is near me. It would be best for everyone if she did not know".

Margot nodded and said, "Understood I will not tell her, but where are you going to go"?

Sylvester sighed and said, "Somewhere better, some place where Emma will never find me in the human world".

Margot had promised she had swore she would never tell but ever since the accident Emma has become obessed with the human world and finding her father. Margot keeps telling her that she would stop at nothing to find her father.

Margot tries her best to get Emma to let it go, but it is pointless Emma has got her heart set on her past and will stop at nothing to make sure she at least gets some clossure. 

Emma had found out on her own where her father had gone she had found a note by her father left unattended on her mother's nightstand she had taken the letter back to her room read it for several hours wondering why he would just leave? The one line that stuck out to her was I have to leave to protect Emma I have to make sure she is safe it is for the best. 

Why would him leaving protect her? Why would he think that leaving was the only way to make sure she was safe? it made no sense she had put the note back where she found it the next morning she had not told her mother or Margot she knew. It was better that they did not know she had found her father's goodbye letter. 

Ever since then She had dreamed of reuniting with her father surrounded by her family and friends while they hugged and talked making up for lost time but Emma knew these were only fantasies she made up in her head. Her father left she would not try to pursue him if he did not think it was a good idea her father was a smart man he knew what was best, he always knew. 

Her father left she would not try to pursue him if he did not think it was a good idea her father was a smart man he knew what was best, he always knew. 

"Margot are you okay"? Emma asked  with confusion Emma had tired talking to Margot for a while now. Normally, Margot listens to when Emma is talking but for the past few minutes she might has well been talking to the wall. 

Margot has been acting strange all day things didn't add up after class when she asked how Jacobson had gotten her number. Margot just brushed it off and claimed she gave it  to him. Which seemed like a lie. But, her facial features seemed honest enough. 

For some reason every time she thought about that Jacobson kid, her heart would flutter for a moment but it made no sense. How could she feel this way when she just met him. She knows how he likes his eggs, his favorite places to disappear to or his favorite book. Why does she know all these things about him but she could not remember meeting him until today?

Every time Jacobson Black attends school after a long absances she felt like scolding him and making sure he was safe. But, why? Emma knew Jake's repuation he was a homeless runaway his parents abandoned him and he hardly ever tires to reach out when people offer to help him.  

Still, she could not help but care. Even when people tell her she shouldn't. It makes no sense that he has a bad reupation but everyone seems to like him even her mother asks how Jacobson is doing when he comes to school. 

"Yes I'm just thinking". Margot said 

"About what"? Emma asked 

"Oh its nothing". said Margot 

"Okay, Margot can I tell you something". Emma said

"Sure what is it"? Margot asked 

Emma sighed and said, "I had a dream where I was wearing weird clothes, I was falling in the air, like free falling just when I was about to hit the ground I woke up".

Margot laughed she covered her mouth her hand, Emma could not blame her it was very rare to see Emma shooken up and it should not be funny when Margot was nervous she would let out a few giggles, her natural instict when conflict arose was to shake it off and try to keep things light. 

Even though Emma sometimes embarced her carefree outlook today was different. Then all the others everything kept changing its getting increasingly harder to hide the truth the longer it stays hidden. 

Emma deserved to know her past. It was wrong it keep it  from her. But, since the accident five years ago. They could not take any chances Emma's seventeeth birthday was approaching. Almost six whole years since the accident. 

Margot saw Jake look at Emma across the way. It must pain him to stay away from her but, he had to for both his sake and Emma's they have tired numberous times to redo everything. But, its not good to mess with time. 

Margot knew they could not stay a part forever even though Emma does not remember that they were once close does not mean that Jake didn't. His feelings for Emma might be his downfall one day. 

Color blots have special ablites that help them surrive each power matching their personality. Margot's was plants it makes sense she was from the Green clan after all. Jake's ablity was different . Portal jumping. 

Margot sighed as she looked at Emma and Jake. Looks like she had to call Ellie to set up a way for Jake and Emma to meet up again. Margot pulled at her phone and dialed Eillie's number. 

Fate had kept them apart for too long its time for Emma and Jake to be reunited again and this time they will make sure that this time around they will not fail. Emma's memories will be returned to her. She will make sure of it. 

To be continued...

Color Palette Chapter 1 The nightmare
Summary: Emma Purple lives a dimension so tiny it is invisible to the human eye she lives in a town called Color Palette. It is because of them color is made and brought to our dimension. Join Emma on her quest to find out the truth of her past as she comes a hero. 

This is the novel version of a experimental manga I did in the same name. The preview image is the recently updated Volume cover. The drawings in the first volume are kinda outdated so I need to edit it in the computer and fix all 63 pages. I also took a break from drawing/writing chapter five. Only ever updating the pages when I know I can draw a certain panel. I will post the Manga eventually but, it might take a while. 

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